GTech Engineering Corporation provides forensic engineering services all over BC and Alberta. We provide forensic engineering services for all kinds of structures and constructions.  Our engineering evaluation services include buildings ranging from single family houses, warehouses, cinemas, and commercial buildings.

We provide forensic engineering services for the building renovations, insurance and property issues. When it comes to hiring a forensic expert, it is important to choose an experienced firm that has a proven track record in the field. GTech Engineering Corporation has both the experience and ability to investigate complex issues and provide unbiased reports for legal cases and insurance industry.

Wind, fire, water and soil settlement are leading causes of building damages in British Columbia and Alberta. All these issues can cause significant damage to the structural systems of the buildings. The effects of these damages to structural members may not be obvious to the human eyes often, but reduction in structural strength of the building components can compromise the safety of the building and its occupants. Hidden damages can cause irreversible, long-term damage to a building.

Depending on the scope of the work, our service includes in depth inspection of various building elements from footing to roof and in-depth engineering analysis. We provide a detailed report along with colored photographs of the building issues.

Forensic Engineering Services

Our Forensic Engineering Services

Tenant Improvements, Mezzanines, Catwalks & Platform Designs
Tenant Improvements, Mezzanines, Catwalks & Platform Designs