GTech Engineering provides building envelope services all over BC and Alberta for all kinds of structures and constructions. We provide services both for new construction and existing buildings.   We specialize in all aspects of the building envelope to keep the energy in and moisture out of the building.

Do you know how much your building could potentially cost you, if it is not built properly? Have you heard about Vancouver leaky condominiums ( The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation defines leaky condos as a “catastrophic failure” of building envelopes, which lets water into the building frame and leads to rot, rust, decay and mould. These leaks were caused by a combination of poor design and shoddy construction during a building construction.

The foundation, waterproofing, air barrier, walls/wall openings, wall claddings, doors windows and roof all make up building envelope of the building. There is a long list of places where failure of these elements can cost significant money to the building owner and potential law suits against the builder. Once the building is complete, any mistakes made during construction have been covered, and any issues that arise may be inconvenient, expensive, and difficult to fix.

The Building Science Industry in British Columbia is supported by many contributors, making it one of the most progressive in the building construction world. Some key leaders in the local industry include:

  • BCBEC – BC Building Envelope Council
  • BC Housing – Licensing & Consumer Services
  • CMHC – Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • CHOA – Condominium Home Owners Association of BC
  • RCABC – Roofing Contractors Association of BC

The design and review of building construction is crucial for peace of mind, not to mention building’s integrity and budget. Our qualified engineers provides unbiased, third party reviews to provides the assurance that you are in fact getting what you paid for and that the work is being completed properly.

What We Do?

We help architects, and builders to complete their projects properly. We provide specifications and details for various building components during the construction. We also provide inspection services as required during the construction phase.  Our commitment is not only to the owner, builder or the architect only but to the future owners and the occupants of the building. Our standards are high and our results are proven.

We like to get involved in projects early for the success of the project and to better coordinate with the other disciplines. We reach out to other consulting professionals early on in order to understand the priorities and requirements of each discipline. We look for ways to seamlessly integrate other disciplines requirements into our design.

We also have extensive experience in providing noise and vibration solutions for new residential and commercial buildings.

Cladding Design Engineer Vancouver
Cladding Design Engineer Vancouver