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GTech | Façade Engineering | Surrey | Vancouver
We provide facade consulting services to contractors, developers and to the architects. Our consulting services include design and review of cladding structural supports for gravity, wind and seismic loads. We provides materials research, specialty analyses, detailed design, engineering and construction support. We design clips (Cascadia, U-Kon, ATS etc.), z-girts and other special supports to support the cladding panels (ACM, fiber cement panels, Trespa panels, aluminum perforated screens, signboards etc.).

Most of the facades we design are based on customized systems that involve unique combinations of different cladding materials and structural supports. We apply our extensive knowledge of the facade industry to assist contractors with bidding evaluation, and installation. We provide shop drawing and field mock-ups test observations and site reviews.

Based on our customer needs, we can help for design and testing of cladding support clips. We produce technical reports for other consultants use for load resistance of different kinds of structural supports.

We have wide experience in residential, commercial and industrial building façade design. We can offer unique design for cost savings and better thermal performance of the building.

GTech Engineering Corporation provides integrated approach for cladding supports. Our structural engineer’s responsibility does not stop at the slab edge or wall design. We collaborate with the architect to develop simple and elegant solutions to cladding designs and attachments to the building walls.

We provide engineering services for support designs for Precast Concrete Panels, Stone Veneer, Brick Veneer, Curtain Walls, Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM), Trespa Cladding Panels, Fiber Cement Panels, and Aluminum Perforated Screens.